Nozzle Thermocouple

Nozzle Thermocouple

Nozzle Thermocouple Characteristics:

  • Thermocouple Types K, T or J available, grounded junction
  • Bolt sizes M6 or M8
  • PVC, PTFE or Glass fibre stainless steel braid leads.
  • Sheath and leads rated - 50°C to + 400°C
  • Operating range from -30°C to + 400°C (dependant on leads)

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Product Ref: NTC
Category: General Purpose Thermocouples

Suitable for plastics machinery and general purpose applications, nozzle thermocouples have been designed to screw directly into the application.

The nipple allows the nozzle to rotate, so the wires do not twist when threading in and tightening the nozzle. They are available in several bolt sizes and are made from stainless steel.